Less than 2% of High school athletes earn college athletic scholarships. It’s essential to know where YOU fall within the recruiting process.

5 Required Steps For Being Recruited!

1.  Take Action

The majority of athletes depend on their high school coach or sheer luck to get recruited. Don’t make this mistake. Many coaches can’t help you because they simply don’t know how, they don’t have relationships with college coaches, or they don’t have the time.

2.  Know what level of college is right for you

Everyone wants to play at the Division I level– that’s a given. However, not everyone is a Division I caliber athlete. Get out and visit some college games at various levels to see what level of competition is right for you. Athletic Recruiting takes place at all levels, from Division I to Junior College. 

3. Attend Camps and Sport Seminars

Attending camps can help bring awareness and exposure to you. Don’t waste an offseason sitting on the couch! Attend some camps and showcase events in your offseason to get your name out there. There has been kids to receive Division 1 Offers from Attending Camps, so make sure to show your skills.

4. Interested in a School? Check out their sports website

Visit these sites and see how many players on the roster play your position. See how you measure up in size and weight to those players. See how many seniors will be leaving the program the season you graduate from high school.

5. Market yourself with a player webpage!

With a custom website, we will create a platform for you to capture the information and highlights you would want to showcase to college coaches. Eagle Eye Sports Raw will give you tools you need to start marketing and promoting yourself to the programs of your choice.